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MUSIC + VIDEO: Austin & 1NC – You Are the Reason


MUSIC + VIDEO: Austin & 1NC – You Are the Reason

Austin & 1NC – You Are the Reason

Gospel singer and Praise/Worship pioneer, Austin Omozeje otherwise called Minister Austin has discharged another single titled “You Are the Reason” (unique form by Chris Shalom).

As indicated by him, “You are the reason is one of the most inspiring songs that has ever hit my heart, its lyrics speak to me personally and took me through my tough times. it is a song originally inspired from Chris Shalom but I have a totally different way of expressing that same feeling with a more energetic exclamation, it’s my joy, I want to scream it and not just whisper it to the world, let the world jump to the fact that Jesus is the reason why am alive today!”.

Delivered by Odiboh Martyn and recorded live in the City of Benin at Simply revere global service (SWIM) by Ideal idea and arrangements.

Hope to get your irregular applause from this wonderful spread piece which has a mix of pop and shake, Psalm 47:5 says “God is gone up with a shout”; this incredible piece will draw out the yells of acclaim to the lord from inside you!!

Watch, delight & enjoy Austin & 1NC – ‘You Are the Reason’ below.







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