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MUSIC + VIDEO: Deyshawlah – Gratitude


MUSIC : Deyshawlah – Gratitude

Deyshawlah – Gratitude

Singer, Deyshawlah (a.k.a. Evelyn Adesola Ogunleye), the singer of GOD ALONE is out with another artful culmination, titled Gratitude. She appears once more, her adaptability as she goes indigenous in this Afrocentric/Soft Rock blend.

“Gratitude is a lifestyle, one you easily adopt when you learn to look back with thanks for all God has done,” – Deyshawlah says.

Deyshawlah (conceived Evelyn Adesola Ogunleye) is a Nigerian Song Writer, Music Minister and Fashion Consultant. She is the Founder of Deyshawlah Music and Deyshawlah Fashion House; a Fashion and Image Consultancy Company in Nigeria.

She considered Statistics and graduated with distinction from the University of Abuja, Nigeria. She is known to be an Administrator and Strategist who has agreeably joined being a love chief with being an agent and an expert.

Deyshawlah accepts that music is a solid methods for articulation and soul-winning for God’s kingdom and she is

propelled by close to home encounters, life occasions and for the most part in the spot of supplication.

She is the Choir Secretary and Youth President of the Regional Headquarters of World Evangelism Bible Church (WEBIC), Abuja.

Evelyn is enthusiastic about Worship, Fashion and impacting others and in that capacity, holds free online style classes where she shares her broad learning in design to engage ladies simply like her.

Press play and download Deyshawlah – ‘Gratitude’ below.






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