LYRICS: Dark Poet ft Falz & M.I Abag – Ripple Effect

  • January 13, 2020
  • LYRICS: Dark Poet ft Falz & M.I Abag – Ripple Effect

    LYRICS: Dark Poet ft Falz & M.I Abag – Ripple Effect


    LYRICS: Dark Poet ft Falz & M.I Abag – Ripple Effect

    Freak in the front, back seat looking disordered 

    Just left the studio still hyped about what I recorded 

    Missed calls from fam, blowing trees from Amsterdam with the ma’am 

    Damn! a niqqa sorted

    She say she want some Hennessy Dammnn a niqqa bought it

    She say she wanna make a movie and yea I might record it cause

    She took a bottle to the head and half the drink gone

    Toll man sleeping in the booth so I hit the horn

    He woke up, still sleeping acting kinda slow 

    I gave him 500 like “keep the change I Gotta go

    Driving slow as I try to roll the next blunt 

    Thats when shorty poke me like “stop look, check point

    Oh shit! play it smooth like a fun guy

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    Roll down the windows as I try to get unhigh 

    Stepping on the roach just hoping the blunt die 

    Still see the cops coming close through one eye 

    I’m thinking I should do 0 – 60 and run by

    But the road blocked and Mr. cop don’t look gun shy 

    He said “how far anything for the weekend

    Gave him a half a bottle of Hennessy just so we can

    Create a distraction his reaction a smile creeping 

    Across his face, it’s Friday night I’m fuckin spaced 

    I’m trying to get this girl to my place yo can I go

    He said “oga you too sabi walahi carry go carry go


    Carry go walahi carry go 

    Omo luabi ni eh, mo like bo shey dami lohun

    But drop a little something for gala ati coke 

    Poverty is poison I need to find an antidote 

    Hello please, is it a crime to be police

    Boys dey for road since, trying to control things

    Crime rate e plenty, boys no dey get peace

    Ask the FG why we no dey get G’s

    Why e be say my salary no dey help me 

    But na everyday wey my life dey for threaten

    I protect everybody who protect me

    If I die, tell me that they won’t forget me

    I con see small small boys wey dey form status

    Wan dey pose like say na them dey run Lagos

    If them talk any how them go go station 

    They are just eating money but they don’t labour 

    Omo 20’something years ton wa E-class

    He is either doing fraud or its rituals 

    But see I like you, you na real guy

    Just gimme Hennessy make I feel fine 

    [M.I Abaga]

    DP no go ever pick up when I need him 

    Now he got me driving to the island just to meet him 

    I try to be the best supporter of his music 

    But I know he is in the studio with a shorty drinking and they are weeding

    I finish work and rush so we can have a meeting 

    Person wey dey rap when I was reading 

    Meh life is so uneven 

    But he’s my guy thats why I’m investing 

    Plus if he blow na to be him lawyer be the next thing eh

    Oh God! who be this ones wey dey put road block 

    What police are doing is wrong but if I don’t stop

    This one fit start to fire my car, see his gun is uncocked 

    Always stopping young boys hungry police wey won chop

    Yes officer! please tell me why you stop me

    All my papers dey plus photocopy 

    You no go fit to job me 

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    I’m a barrister I know my right

    If you no get search warrant omo free me lemme leave my life 

    Wait! empty bottle dey hand have you been drinking 

    Officer of the law and you are drunk what are you thinking  

    You don drink and now you are trying to extort 

    Whats your name again tomorrow mo’ I swear I go report you

    Make I die before I give you my last card 

    If them no commot for force tomorrow call me bastard 

    Person wey give you this work himself na big fool

    You dey point gun at who

    Omo commot that pistol

    [News: Outro]

    In other news 

    Men of the Nigerian police force 

    Late last night shot and killed a suspected armed robbery gang member

    Along the Lekki-Ikoyi link bridge, addressing newsmen on the scene 

    The Lagos state police spokesman said a locally made pistol 

    And about five rounds of ammunition was recovered from the attacker

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    Said to be a young male in his early 30’s 

    A sergeant Sanni Ihenacho an officer who reportedly engaged the suspects

    In a fierce shoot-out, recounted that his team patrol was almost ambushed 

    Saved for quick reflex and experience on the part of the crack squad 

    According to the police, while investigations are ongoing 

    The force will not relent in its duty of safeguarding lives and property 

    Of the people of Lagos by nipping in the bud 

    The acts of hoodlums and criminals in the state

    It also urged law-abiding citizens to go about their lawful businesses

    As the force was capable of riding the state of undesirable elements 


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