MUSIC: Throwback Naija Hit Songs

  • July 20, 2019
  • MUSIC: 50 Throwback Naija Hit Songs

    MUSIC: 50 Throwback Naija Hit Songs

    Throwback Naija Hit Songs

    As the period draws to an end I thought it would noble of me to improve you freshen the old memories that these songs bring.

    I didn’t rightful itemize them down I also included download links so it can be easier for you to download.

    There were so some songs working finished my head but I decided to these strike. Perhaps, I instrument do a wares mess afterward. I was rattling certain not to go beyond my age so I hand out songs of the 1980s- the likes of Christy Essien, Onyeka Owenu, Kris Okotie, Alex Oti, etc.

    So gratify digest your minute and like yourself.

    Remedies – Shakomo DOWNLOAD HERE

    Baba Frayo – Denge Pose DOWNLOAD HERE

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